Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Irish Blessings


This post is mainly an Olivia update. She's doing great but trying our nerves at times like any good toddler will do. I read a child development book that described toddlers as "changelings" and I think that is absolutely true. They are developing at lightening speed and processing so much that it must be exhausting for them - and for us sometimes too!

When Olivia does have a meltdown, I think she is almost surprised and maybe even scared by the intensity of her own feelings.  It is times like that when I remind myself to bring more love to the situation. A short memory and good redirection/distraction skills are also helpful.

Olivia loves to watch us and mimic what we do. She likes to help put things away. Yesterday I found a Netflix movie in the recycle bin! She is more aware of when her diaper needs to be changed. She often gets one and brings it to us.

She loves Quinn and, as he grows, I know they will have lots of fun together!

She is very observant and keen to understand how things work. It's a matter of time before she figures out how to open the baby gates and defeat the cabinet locks that we have installed. Morton has already figured out how to open the baby gates. I can't imagine HOW he does it.

Here she is in the booster chair for the first time. Very exciting!

Quinn actually sat in the high chair the other day. He's big enough that he can sit up. In this picture he was about 10 weeks old. He's growing fast!

My mom told me that "Clan Quinn" in Ireland was descended from the High Kings of Ireland. On that note, I will leave you with an Irish blessing:

 "May your neighbors respect you, Trouble neglect you,
Angels protect you, and Heaven accept you."

Love, Claire

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Forward

Hi all,
Since our family is pretty much complete, at least kid-wise, I'll start by setting the focus and intent of this blog (including who my audience is) going forward. Jason and I agree that we want to continue doing this blog as a record of memories, milestones and pictures for our family. We hope that the kids will look back and enjoy reading about their early days. And of course others who enjoy checking in on us are more than welcome!

The other day we had the transition from daylight savings time to standard time and I think the term "spring forward" fits for our household these days too. I went back to work full time last Monday after being home with Quinn for his first 8 weeks. I was ready to go back, but I'm also very ready to pick up the kids at the end of the day, especially to get some snuggle time in with Quinn. It's true that I love holding him so much; I've learned that I need to "share" him more with Jason and give him a turn too!

These days, Quinn has been awake a lot more and very alert (sleeping better at night these days too which is great!). About two weeks ago, we moved him up to his room to sleep at night. He has a wonderful, warm and cozy room and it is going well. This kid is growing fast. He's already in 9 month clothes. At his 2 month dr appointment, he was 99% in height and 83% in weight. Last night at dinner, he fussed until Jason got him out of the car seat so he could see everyone at the table. I think he just wanted to be included in the conversation.

Olivia has been talking up a storm, lots of new words and phrases including please=peez, I wuv you, breakfast=bekfast, etc. She's saying her name (o-VI-a - hasn't gotten the "liv" part just yet), brushing her (two!) teeth and serves as our resident button-pusher around the house. You name it, she can probably find a button on it that just MUST be pushed. I bought a bucket of over-sized Legos the other day and she and daddy have been building things. She loves puzzles and figuring out how things work. She also enjoys putting toys away which is a bonus for us. With Easter right around the corner, I have like 3 egg hunts lined up for her so after all of that hunting, she will be a seasoned pro!

Olive and Quinn get along really well. She thinks he is really cute and funny. He tolerates and maybe secretly enjoys her petting, poking and binki-stealing antics. 

Olivia checking out the rays at the SeaLife Aquarium in KC on Jason's birthday
This morning, Quinn's pretty smile! 
If he fusses in the morning, we put him in the bassinet in our bedroom and turn on SportsCenter. He may be a sports junkie... if it is on a different channel, he may fuss!
All in all, we are doing awesome. I feel so thankful for my sweet husband who could not be a more loving father to our children and dear friend to me. We celebrated his 38th birthday on March 3rd. That date also marks the 3 year anniversary of our engagement.

Signing off now. Love always, the cunningham family