Saturday, June 25, 2011

June update

Hi all!
I don't have any huge news this time except I'm doing great and settling into this feeling of being preggo -- it is very different!  I've been really busy with work stuff so that helps the time go by quicker too.

Jason joined a kickball league and is getting set up in the basement with a 'lab' for doing home brews. I think it may be good timing that I can't drink right now so by the time I am back able to drink again, he will have his recipes figured out.  He bought abook on how to knock off various popular beers and wants to start with Sierra Nevada Pale.  Way to shoot for the stars, babe!  We'll see how it goes ;)

Zan celebrated a milestone birthday (#10) on June 6th so that was exciting.  He got a new collar and a toy that he has been loving on a lot.

I've picked up some maternity wear from garage sales, kind friends and the actual maternity store but so far some of my regular clothes still fit (yay!) so I am going to go with that as long as I can.

We settled on the place where we are going to deliver - Research Medical Center - which coincidentally is where I was born (as well as my sister Molly).  We go in for the sonogram on July 5th and will update the blog with the sex of the baby after that.  People have asked me what I think it is and I tell them I am betting it is either a boy or a girl... we'll see ;)

There are a bunch of exciting weddings this summer, including two of my cousins (one who is getting married on my wedding day a year later!) and Jason's sister.  We actually leave on Thursday for Kathryn's wedding in Chicago - can't wait!!

I was reflecting on our wedding last year in Costa Rica and the fun few days we explored the country afterwards.   After the baby comes, I know we will be home-bound for awhile but at least we have lots of travel memories to draw from.

Here's a pic of a volcano we visited in Nicaragua -- the heat and smell was really overwhelming.  It was really cool to be able to look right into the mouth of the volcano.

Here's a sign they had posted as well. There were pictograms of flying rocks and instructions to hide under your car if the thing starts to blow!

Here's another "arm length" photo of me and J - these are a staple in our photo albums - good thing he has long arms!  It is crazy how these massive crocodiles laze around on the muddy banks of the rivers.  You really hope they know to stay down there and don't decide to run uphill!

We also went fishing and caught/released some fish. Lots of fun! Here's Jason's rooster fish.

A jackfish that I caught.. I'm not sure why I was hugging it!  I smelled like fish for the rest of the day and then some.

PS: Our neighbors moved back to KC last weekend. She's a dr and was doing a fellowship in Wisconsin for a year... AND she's about to pop, her due date is days away.  It will be fun to have a baby so close in age right next door, plus we're all first time parents.  We're talking about doing a nanny-sharing arrangement which I think would be ideal.