Monday, January 16, 2012

Eight week update

Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds our friends and family doing well!  Jason and I are excited for a fabulous 2012 with lots of new milestones and challenges.  We've been "in the trenches" these past two months, trying to figure out this parenting thing, but luckily, I think we have a baby girl who is really sweet and forgiving about anything we may have screwed up so far!

I am continuing this blog for those who are interested in updates on how Olive is doing. We hope that someday she will read these things as a record of the early days of her life.

We took our first family trip to Colorado over the Christmas holiday to meet my family -- it was a wonderful time.  Olive was really good in the car both ways - we stopped halfway in Hays to stay with Jason's cousin Brandon and his family. The weather getting there was pretty treacherous with snow and ice but we made it safe and sound.  It was fun to have so much snow to play in while we were out there!   

Everyday we took a walk with Olive and Morton up this trail near the house to a place called "Mother's Rest" to enjoy the view and take in all of the beauty of the mountains.  Olive loved the house (Burnbrae) where we stayed and was constantly looking around to take everything in.  Each night, we made a fire and stayed up late talking, then we would put her down to sleep.  The day after Christmas was the first night where I would say that she slept extremely well and we all woke up really rested!  That must have been her Christmas gift to me and Jason because ever since then she has been sleeping 5-7 hours on average through the night!  I have no complaints about this baby's sleeping habits!

With "Scotty" her nightlight
Some observations about her personality and words I use to describe her at this age include peaceful (when she's not being squirmy), flexible, "organized" (that's the word the lactation consultant used), and confident (because she is good at self soothing and going to sleep).  She is great with breastfeeding, fine with taking a bottle, and will suck on her pacifier or her fingers/thumb as a diversion but doesn't seem too dependant on those things.  She has been good for our babysitters and daycare providers and loves to have different people hold her. Did I mention that she LOVES being held? She prefers sleeping flat on her back and has been in her own room/crib since about 3 weeks of age.  We had planned to keep her in the bassinet in our room longer but she likes her own room.

All smiles in the morning

Taking a bottle from Grandma

As you can see, we are completely smitten with this little one. It is crazy how quickly they change at this time. We are getting lots of pictures and just trying to soak it all in. Before we know it she will be crawling, walking, talking and the list goes on.

We wish everyone a fabulous 2012.  Take care ~ Claire, Jason & Olivia Cunningham