Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lightning McQuinn

Hi all!
I know it has been awhile since my last post but work and home life have been really busy and I don't see any breaks in sight.  Life is good so I have no complaints, but I may be scaling back to one update per month from here on. 

The kids are doing great.  As you can imagine from this blog's name, Quinn has become a quick crawler.  He is very curious and in to everything. We must be really diligent about keeping the baby gates closed now because he is like Houdini trying to escape from rooms these days.  It is a lot of fun to watch him explore things and Olivia and I like to have crawl races with him in the rec room.  He is pulling himself up and standing.  The other day he even let go and balanced on his own standing up.  He started scaling some stairs and made it up 4 or 5 steps before Daddy picked him up.  He was giggling and excited about his new adventure!

On the Olivia front, I thought I would discuss her growing cast of loveys and other favorites.  Olivia has always let us know what she likes and dislikes.  She has a long memory in terms of these things too.

Drink: milk and water
Food: macaroni and cheese, craisins, scrambled eggs, black olives, shrimp, chicken
Movies: Cars and The Lorax
iPad (she calls it her "pa-pad")

I thought for a split second that she was going to start potty training a few weeks ago because she showed interest and actually used the potty a few times, but now the potty is something that she makes her two babies use. She pretty much refuses to use it herself at this point in time.

I've helped her name a few of her loveys, but usually she comes up with the names.  Here is a picture of most of them except for the Froggie who was lost somewhere, but she still asks about him, may he R.I.P.

In the above picture we have Dolly, Baby, the horses who belong in the stable (Nemo, Shadow, and Rob), Flopsy Mopsy (back row), the horses who get a lot of play time Bob (current favorite) and Blanca who are sitting on the green blankie which has been a favorite since she was 3 weeks old, the iPad, Scotty, Froggie (former version), and Sleepy Bear.

I am trying hard to schedule another photo shoot for the entire family so hopefully next time I will have some decent pictures of us to share!

Take care. Love, claire & family