Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dec Update

Hi all!

We are doing great and sorry to have a little delay between the last postings. We're all geared up for the arrival of baby #2 who is due in less than a week!

Olivia has been keeping us plenty busy and she is fast approaching another huge milestone... WALKING!  She stands on her own now and has taken up to 4 steps towards one of us, before usually falling down giggling and SOOO excited about her new achievement! This really puts the term "baby steps" into perspective.  The motor skills, coordination and balance needed to walk are not easy to come by.  I know some day soon, the light bulb will come on and she will be off and running!

So now as I write this blog, I have one eye cocked over my shoulder to keep tabs on her since I know what kind of sillies and troubles she can get into in a moments notice. Like right now she is trying to wrestle a stuffed animal chew toy from Morton's mouth!

Some pictures of playing fun "games" in her room. Not sure I like this one though!

Here with her "smash cake" on her first birthday. She just looked at it and didn't understand the "smash" part. So we cut her a small piece and she nibbled at it.

Another pic with her best bud, Morton.

Signing off until next time when we will likely have a baby boy and a birth story to report!

Exciting times :) Love, claire, jason, olive & ?