Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Olivia 1.0

Hello all!
Well, so much has changed in the past year when Jason and I became "plus one" with the birth of our baby girl last year on 11/22/11.  Wow, what a whirlwind of experiences and change. People say that it goes by so fast and now I know what they meant by that.

These days it seems like Olive is just changing and learning right before our eyes.  One day we were using pillows to block certain areas of the room from her getting into something. And the next day, she is moving the pillows, stacking them and using them to climb higher and get into more new things!

She is a very inquisitive and curious baby girl.  And while her energy level has seemed to skyrocket here in the past 6 weeks, mine certainly has not! *We are really excited to be welcoming baby #2 in a about 5 weeks!*

Just the other day, she started loving on a special stuffed animal we call Froggie.  I watched her in the crib on the baby monitor giving him a binkie, covering him with a blanket, cuddling with him, and even trying to change his imaginary diaper!  I think the timing is good for her to take interest in a special lovey since Jason and I will soon have our hands (and arms) full with another baby.

Here are a few pictures from the 11 month photo session that we had a few weeks ago.

This past year has presented us so many incredible blessings, challenges and downright CHANGE. And I don't expect the coming year to be much different as we adjust to being "plus 2" though we will have a lot more experience under our belts.

Though I hate to look too far ahead now since this is a special time that we will never have again, I am secretly looking forward to the time, say, a few years down the road, when the kids are a little older and a lot of the heavy lifting for raising infants/toddlers is behind us.  Maybe we can even take a vacation somewhere! (Ahh... the beach would be nice!)

Love always, claire