Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Round Two!

Hi all,
So as you know by now if you've followed this blog, we are gearing up for baby number two come December.  This pregnancy is just flying by for me and I am feeling really good overall. Speaking of that, Olive has some news to share about the new baby:

FYI, her shirt says "Dear Diary, I asked for a puppy, not a brother."

So what I suspected all along is true... we're having a boy!! We're very excited and feel so very blessed.  I know that the days to come will be crazy and chaotic at times, but I know Jason and I are up to the task.

Now, more serious planning can commence, like decorating the new baby's room and deciding on a name.

In other news, we had a great time in Madeline Island, WI with my sister and her family in early July. Here's a picture of Olive on the ferry boat to the island.

These days, Morton and Olive often play a game that I call "Baby Fetch". They sit on the rug about a foot apart and roll the tennis ball back and forth to each other.  She takes breaks periodically to stroke and pull the hair on his front paws and to feel his toenails which really interest her.  I think it's funny that we have all of these baby books with fake fur that the baby is supposed to want to touch, but she would rather go for the real thing!

Take care and stay cool in this summer heat. Love, Claire

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun!

Hi All,
We've been enjoying this (very hot) summer and getting out and about with Olive. She is on the verge of cutting teeth and crawling, but hasn't done either just yet. So we have two major milestones coming up soon which is exciting!  She is very active and interested in things.

My mom took her horse-back riding a few weeks ago and I have some pictures of them riding our beloved retired show horse Willie.  Then we went out to the barn again about a week ago and had great fun riding with cousins and other family members on the Cunningham side.  She really likes horses!

Saddled up and ready to go!

Grandma, give me the reins! I can do this on my own!

And of course, we know she likes puppies!

She's also had a great time at the pool at Jason's dad's house.  Finally, this last weekend, she decided the pool was not too cold and really fun!  She probably could have stayed in the water all day.

With the next blog update, we should know the sex of baby #2 and we will be sure to share that news. Until then, stay cool in this summer heat. Love ~ claire