Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Picture Olympics

Hello all!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We got back from Spearville, KS last night where we helped celebrate the 60th anniversary for Grandma and Grandpa Simon.  It was fun seeing the many folks who made the (long!) trip down to Costa Rica for the wedding last August.

Grandma Marcy and Jason's mom Patti pulled out a bunch of pictures of Jason from baby-hood and childhood.  Keep in mind that Jason was the first grandbaby in two families... and his childhood is very well documented to say the least! (I am told that there is another whole box of his baby pictures somewhere in the basement or in storage).

In comparing the baby pics of me and Jason, I have to say that he was a cuter baby than I was!  Of course, there are a lot more pics of him to sort through, all of his clothes were brand new as opposed to the hand me downs that I wore, and his mom must have had him at the photo studio every other week (seriously!) for professional pictures. I am sure there are some good pictures of me when I was a kid, but my mom always says that I looked so much like my sister Chandra that she isn't sure which ones are me and which are her!
Decide for yourselves... let the baby picture olympics begin!

This is me as a baby...


This is me (on left) with my sister Chandra. We do look alike!

This is Jason as a baby...

Jason's first beer!

 Jason's first best friend.          

Playing Little Leage for the Senators.    

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

155 BPM

We visited the doctor today and everything looks good! We got to hear the baby's heartbeat which was exciting.  We found out that they won't do a sonogram until I am at 20 weeks when they can do a full health screening sonogram.  That appointment is set for July 5th.  So when that day comes we will know the sex of the baby :)

Our next steps are to tour some hospitals and decide where our little one will make his/her debut!

Funny story.... Jason and I traveled to Las Vegas last week for a few days for a seminar.  We were waiting at the airport in KC for the 3 hour direct flight to Vegas and our flight was just about to board when this guy walks by with a bag full of Quiznos sandwiches.... and they smelled really good

I turned to Jason and said "I am going to need a sandwich for this long flight!"  Bless his heart, he jumped up and raced several gates down to the sandwich stand, getting back in time to board the flight with 2 turkey and swiss sandwiches in hand.

We went to Vegas for work but also enjoyed the Beatles LOVE show on one of the nights.  Health-wise I am continuing to feel better (or maybe I am just getting used to the feeling of being preggo!) with little bouts of nausea and headaches here and there. 

Signing off for now ~claire