Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a girl!

Hi all,
We found out last week that we're having a baby girl!  Everything looks good and the due date is on target for Nov 18th so that puts me at just over 21 weeks now... more than half-way!  Time sure does fly when you don't feel sick all of the time :) 

Since my last update, my cousin and friend have both delivered beautiful baby girls so ours will have a few "older" role models to play with. Our neighbors also had a boy just the other day.  Babies are all around us!

Plans are underway to fix up the nursery which will be in the bedroom adjacent to our room on the second floor.  I've discovered that Jason's nesting instinct drives him immediately to either Home Depot or Lowes and the work commences in the basement (ground floor) of the house.  From the foundation we can work our way up, right?  All of the changes will actually be really nice so I am not complaining!

See the obligatory first baby pic attached below. Signing off until next time. Take care all! ~claire