Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 Month Update

We are all doing well here and enjoying the end of Summer. Olive is keeping us busy watching her as she explores "kid friendly" parts of the house.  It seems that playing with toys is no longer fun, but pulling books out and digging through drawers is really a blast. We are slowly getting our kid-proofing game together and hoping to stay one step ahead of her!

Feeding her these days calls to mind the negotiation and selling tactics book "Start with No" - I think the author must have been trying to spoon feed an infant when they came up with the idea for that book. She enjoys telling us "no" by shaking her head and going "uh uh" when she is done eating or doesn't like what is offered.

We have been working with her on "no" when she gets into something that is off-limits. When you tell her no, she will stop and look at you... then smile and giggle as if to disarm you by her charm and cuteness (which sometimes almost works!). Then she will often test the wrong behavior again but more slowly and with an eye cocked in your direction.

We had a great time in Colorado in early August, relaxing and spending lots of fun family time. Here is a picture of Jason hiking with Olive near the house.

I can't believe how much she has changed in the past month. She has less "baby" look about her and more little girl. Waving bye bye and clapping hands are fun these days too.

The one on the way is doing great. I am at about 23 weeks now and feeling good. Take care. Love, c  

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello everyone,
Today, Jason and I celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! It is amazing to look back over the past two years at all that has changed in our lives. Even with the occasional curveball that life sometimes throws, I am so happy and blessed to report that our love is stronger than ever.

For me, marriage has been about learning how to give up some of my independence and work with my partner to find our common ground. I'm sure Jason would agree that we are both strong and (sometimes) stubborn individuals, so we have to try to see things from the other's perspective.

One of the best things about being married to your best friend is truly knowing a person, and loving them all the more for it. Finding the humor in life is also key. I have learned that Jason is really good at cleaning up a baby with sticky fingers and food all over her face. He is excellent at packing a suitcase and loading up the car. He refuses to stop at rest areas on road trips because he says they are bastions of crime and devious behavior (I just thought they were places to go to the bathroom!). He may be the only person that I know who doesn't like 'smores, but he will gag one down around the campfire with friends to be social... I have also learned that he is an absolutely devoted husband and amazing father. Yeah, sometimes I think I hit the jackpot.

Last night, Babygirl gave us our anniversary present early by showing off a new skill... CRAWLING!  It was a big milestone in our world as now she is officially mobile. Time to kick the baby-proofing into high gear.

For the weeks leading up to this milestone, Jason has been "training" her for what I call the Baby Olympics. He would stack cups across the room and entice her to crawl/wiggle or otherwise mobilize herself to come and knock them over. We are also getting really good at throwing balls and toys in a competition I call the "Binki Toss". We have observed that she does a lot with her left hand so we might have a southpaw in the making like both my dad and grandfather on the Coughlin side. Unlike my dad who was chastised at Catholic school by the nuns for being lefthanded (because they thought it was a "mark of the devil"), I think we will come down on the side of whatever Olivia prefers!

Olive is getting in to more solid foods these days; sucking on pickles, lemons and limes is a favorite pasttime. Here she is working on a lime at a favorite mexican restaurant.

Baby number 2 is cooking right along and I am feeling really good. Signing off until next time, Love Claire