Friday, January 31, 2014

Likes and Dislikes

2014 has started off at a fever pitch for us around here, and I do mean 'fever' literally!  Our little Quinn turned 1 on January 7th and his little body has been hard at work building his immune system.  I am so thankful that everyone was healthy on our wonderful Hawaii trip, but now that we're back, the bugs have set in. I guess things could be much worse than being in the comforts of home and treating little ones who are under the weather.

For this post, I thought I would recap all of our current likes and dislikes for the stage of life that we are presently in.

Daddy Likes putting Olivia down at night, watching 'Bond' with her on the iPad before bedtime, tickling Quinn until he giggles loudly and squirms, holding his little boy (even when he may be reaching for mommy!), overseeing bath time for both Olivia and Quinn, watching the kids interact with the dogs, especially Morton.

Daddy Dislikes going to work before the kids wake up and getting home too late to play with them, cold weather this time of year, waking up in the middle of the night to tend to babies (because he can't fall back asleep that easily).

Mommy Likes acting silly with the kiddos, conversing with them about anything, putting on music and 'dancing' with Olivia, playing 'cut the pickle', sing-a-longs in the car, weeding through the toys and donating some to charity, making sure rooms are clean and cribs/closets organized, seeing them play together and make up their own games, finding a good babysitter who is reliable and trustworthy.

Mommy Dislikes being puked upon in public, lollygagging (by Olivia) in the parking lot while trying to get everyone in the car, schlepping so much stuff around, picky eaters, a diaper bag without wipes, not having any time or flexibility to exercise.

Olivia Likes talking and expressing herself, "Quinnie" and being a big sister, learning to use the potty, going to the car wash, going to ride Willie, getting the 'grocery getter cleaned, wearing skirts and dresses so she can twirl in them, wearing butterfly wings and dancing around, MUSIC, graham crackers, milk, singing Twinkle Twinkle, her "PUP-pad" (iPad), telling Morton and Vanna what to do, her loveys - it is a big slumber party in her crib every night.

Olivia Dislikes really any 'new' foods and too many foods to even count (she is picky!), being dirty (she likes washing hands and wiping the table off), having mommy help brush her teeth, getting PJ's on after a bath (she likes to run around naked!).

Quinn Likes feeding the dogs table scraps and pretending that he isn't doing it WHILE he is doing it, big sister 'VEE-a', being held, being covered with his green blankie while being held, his glow worm night light that plays soft music (its the only thing that doesn't get booted out of the crib come morning time), exploring and having freedom now that he is upright and mobile.

Quinn Dislikes being put down unless it is his idea (did I mention he loves to be held?), being sick (!) and getting high fevers, the snotsucker, having lights on his room at night, anything on his highchair tray if he is not hungry (it all gets pushed to the floor!).

Poor Quinn is currently on the mend from RSV which is a virus that can affect young babies seriously and impair their breathing. He has been a trooper with all of the albuterol/nebulizer treatments and he is improving each day.  I might also mention that January 18th was the day that Quinn really started walking on his own a lot! It was almost a year to the day when Olivia started really walking too.

Here is a picture of Quinn with Mommy about a week before his first birthday. I know the pic is fuzzy but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his big bright smile!  I think his facial features and chin/bone structure looks a little like Jason in this shot too.

Stay healthy, warm and safe in this Winter season.  Take care and Love Always, Claire