Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mom's Day 2014

We are all doing well and enjoying a beautiful Spring here in Kansas City. The kids are spending a lot of time outside these days. It is so nice to not have one of them crawling around in the dirt and trying to eat rocks (usually!). Time flies so fast though, it can be almost heartbreaking.  Over these past few months I have been shedding the baby clothes, gear, etc and sending it on to my cousins who are due this summer with their firsts. I did hold back a bag of *my* favorite clothes that they wore that bring back the baby memories.

We are not great about taking pictures so that makes it even harder to see my little sweet-doll Quinn turn from a baby into a little boy right before my eyes. I did snap this picture of him the other morning in bed just as he was opening his eyes.

It is somewhat tragic that both of the kids seem to be trying to give up naps now. Maybe its just because the weather is so nice that they would much rather be outside than napping in the afternoon.  I think we need to stay on a nap or at least adopt a firm "quiet time" schedule in the afternoons.

Quinn is communicating a lot and we are starting to be able to reason with him some. He is very adventurous about trying new foods and he loves fruits and vegetables! He really doesn't eat much meat but he does really love hot dogs.  Yesterday at dinner at a favorite Mexican place he 'discovered' salsa with his chips. Very cute but it got messy pretty quick and we had to cut it off!

Olivia loves being outside and she is really into watering the plants and playing in the sprinklers. You basically have to keep her inside if you want her to stay clean (she has figured out how to open the back door so there's another milestone that we have to contend with!)  Her diet is pretty limited still, but a friend told me a strategy to get her to eat what we want her to eat first before you give her anything that she wants. This seems to be working.  Also bribes which are not my favorite do have a place and time to keep the diet somewhat balanced. Yesterday she announced that she wanted ice cream (her friend Spencer was getting some with his mom after daycare) so we went to the ice cream parlor after dinner but she wouldn't even try it.  Sometimes I wonder if she is actually related to me when things like this happen!

Here's a picture of her at Easter in a dress we bought on the Hawaii trip.  This kids get along really well and 'help' each other out some too.  For example, Olivia will try to explain things to Quinn when he doesn't understand me. Quinn will help me by grabbing a diaper for her when I am changing her.

We couldn't be busier (and happier) in so many ways with this family. We are expanding the car wash brand that we have established to another location in Westport this summer and really excited about the opportunities there.  This is our website that is almost completed which will give you an idea of what we are doing with that business.

I am still waiting for things to 'get easier' with the kids from what I have been told. They are still requiring a lot of attention and the no napping thing is taking a toll, but I know that this too shall pass.

Take care. Love always, claire & family