Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally feeling better

When I woke up this morning, I actually felt human again!  I am hopeful that the 1st trimester symptoms are starting to wane.  Fingers crossed...  :)

Last week, Jason and I had a fun week/weekend full of family activities.  His mom Patti came to visit Wednesday thru Saturday and it was great to see her.  After she left on Saturday we had some other fun things planned with the families, including a birthday dinner Saturday night, Easter brunch and Easter dinner on Sunday.  Needless to say, by Sunday night I was completely beat.

In (rare) home-improvement-related news, Jason and Patti went shopping for hanging flowers and worked to fix up the porch in anticipation of the nice weather.

AND... they got cracking on another big home fix up project which is replacing our back door.  Jason has actually worked tirelessly on this since Sunday and it really looks great.  Now we have a back door that shuts and locks properly and a really nice screen to boot (good thing I didn't post earlier that we were an easy break-in target!).  My mom-in-law Patti is welcome to come visit anytime!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Pictures

Since our brood is growing soon, I thought I would post some pics of the current children.  They are all getting along really well and staying healthy.

Zanzibar (Zan for short) is the oldest and the first puppy I ever raised. He is a momma's boy through and through.
Morton is the next in the birth order.  He loves his toys and actually still has some stuffed animal toys from his puppy years.  Morty loves his people, loves bird hunting and can be really protective. He is a really special dog.

Vanna is the youngest -- she will be 6 in October.  While she WANTS to be good, she gets easily distracted and trys pretty hard to impress the others.
Here are some cute group pics from a portrait session we had done last September.


Hello world!

Hi all,

I hope this message finds all of our friends and family well.  Jason and I have some really exciting news! We're expecting our first child (not counting our 4-legged ones) in mid-November. 

At currently a little more than 10 wks along, I can say that so far I've been experiencing just about all of the first trimester pregnancy symptoms en-force (!) not always fun but at least you know you're healthy...  I am hoping that things calm down in a few weeks when I hit the 2nd trimester.  We'll see.

We are thankful that Spring is upon KC and the cold is starting to let up.  We have lots of fun things to plan and look forward to (several weddings this summer and fall which will be a blast!).

Love always, claire