Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Potty Training and Other Adventures

It's been too long since my last blog update. We are moving at lightening speed around here with so many changes taking place and leaps and bounds of development.

I'll start with Olivia.  She is officially potty trained!  I bought a special toy a few months ago and put it on top of the refrigerator. I told her that she could have it when she goes a week without an accident. We got it down and opened it about 3 weeks ago. She calls it her 'potty present'.  We still put a diaper on her at night, but the other night Jason forgot to put one on her.  When she woke up and her bed was wet, I asked her if she had pottied and she said "No Mommy. Someone poured water in my bed!"

We are currently in the "Princess" stage with her.  She wants to wear a pretty dress or skirt (kurt) every day. She has sparkly silver slippers that are NOT play shoes, but she wants to wear them anyways all day long.  Each night we put band aids on her boo boos (meaning the sores on her poor little feet) and also on her bug bites. Did I mention we are also in the "band aid" stage?

My niece Natasha has been watching the kids on Saturday mornings and it has been really helpful to me so that I can get some work done over the weekend.  The other day when I picked Olivia up from daycare, she wanted to go to Natasha's house and "play with my friend Natasha."  She really loves Tasha and so does Quinn.  Olivia is really forming complex sentences now and can easily carry a conversation with you, though there are still some words she says that just plain escape me.  And there are some words she hasn't quite figured out yet... For example, yesterday when she demanded to go to Natasha's house, she said "Turn the car over, Mommy. I want to go to Natasha's house now!"  I told her that I think she wants me to turn the car around, not over!

Olivia loves watching Daniel Tiger right now and honestly so do I.  This show is a spin off from the Mr. Rodgers shows of the past and they have catchy little songs like "when you have to go potty stop and go right away!"  I even heard a little girl singing that song at Costco the other day to her dad!  I honestly attribute our potty training success in part to that blessed show.  There was a Daniel show on eating vegetables and so now Olivia eats vegetables too!  I am searching high and low for a show to teach them about brushing teeth.

Quinn is doing great, but speaking specifically about brushing teeth, he is a real bear in that department.  You have to pin him down in order to force a toothbrush inside his mouth.  He doesn't want help and he doesn't want it period.  It will be interesting to see how his personality develops because right now it's very clear that he has a STRONG will.  Some people we meet in public are almost intimidated by him and what I call the "Quinn look" which is a furrowed brow and very serious expression.  I think they are expecting a sweet little 'Goo-Goo Ga-Ga' baby and he is definitely not that.

But not to paint a bad picture of my Quinn-Doll.  He is a really happy baby overall and we get silly together on a very regular basis.  He can be tickled out of a bad mood almost anytime.  When he plays with something, he really concentrates on it.  He is not easily distracted and doesn't like to be interrupted.

Quinn has two large fluffy stuffed animal bunnies that we got from Jason's family 2 Easters ago and he loves these things!  He also likes an old flip phone that he got from Jason's dad a few weeks ago.  Each night, we have to read the Little Blue Truck books and also Harry the Dirty Dog.  He hasn't shown any interest in electronics like the iPad which I think is great!

Jason and I are doing great, coming up on our 4th anniversary on Aug 6th. I can't believe how time flies! Here are some pictures of the kiddos.

Love always, Claire