Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Goblins

Hi all!
We're all doing well and staying really busy at work and play. Jason and I are putting together a deal with the bank to purchase the car wash building and land that we have been renting for the business that he operates in Overland Park. Once that closes, hopefully in the next few weeks, it will be a big weight off of our minds! Earlier this month we took a trip to Phoenix for Jason's mom's wedding, and it was great to take the kids on a trip like that.  My dad says that traveling with kids instills flexibility in children (and I think in their parents as well!). The airline accidentally routed our luggage to the opposite coast, but thankfully it caught up with us before the actual wedding; needless to say we got quite a workout in 'flexibility'on the trip!

We took Olivia to the zoo outside of Phoenix again this year and it is funny to note how different the trip was this time. She was so interactive with the animals and really soaking it all in.

We fed the ducks these little pellets that they sell, and there was a pushy swan that insisted on being fed. When I ran out of food trying to lure it away, it actually struck out and bit Olivia on the fingers! There were some tears but she was a real trooper. After that, she then announced that she wanted to feed ALL of the animals, even the alligators, tigers, etc. She had her first carousel ride too which was a really fun experience.

Quinn is very inquisitive, exploring things all the time.  He's particularly interested in the dishwasher and toilet (!).  He's quite a climber, moving swiftly up the stairs and climbing on top of tables, etc.  He is one that we need to keep a very close eye on these days, that is for sure!

For Halloween, Olivia was a white butterfly-angel (butterflies are her favorite!); Quinn was a pumpkin.  Mommy didn't dress up but if she had, she would have been the Tooth Fairy and sprinkled some magic teething powder to help these little ones out (they are both teething a lot now!)

Here are a few pics from a studio photo session that we had a few weeks ago.

 Love all, claire