Saturday, August 6, 2016

Brass Monkeys

Six short years ago, during a torrential downpour in Costa Rica, Jason and I tied the knot! God blessed me on that day with a husband who, while not perfect, is perfect for me. Since that day, I think we've both learned how to be married to each other, how to work together and we're raising a couple of beautiful and also incredibly silly kids.

What I didn't know when I walked down the aisle was how much fun Jason would be with the family and how downright silly he would be as a Daddy. So this post is mostly about Jason and the kids and all of the fun they have together. One source of fun is the music he plays for them...

I'll start by saying that Jason and I don't share exactly the same choices in music. For some people, choice in music evolves as people age, but not for Jason. If they say that you become more like your spouse as the years go by, I don't believe that his favorite music will ever grow on me. We've seen Jane's Addiction and Billy Corgan live in the past few years, and I can't say for sure but I don't think these shows were exactly comparable to their shows 25 years ago... we also just missed Rob Zombie (darn!).

Jason recently introduced the kids to the Beastie Boys, and everyone has a rocking good time blasting "Brass Monkey" while riding around in Daddy's truck. There are a few other BB songs that I have banned them from hearing due to the awful lyrics. I can only hope that is being enforced when I'm not around!

Before bedtime, Jason sometimes makes this quirky bird with his hand, and the bird likes to do silly things like tickle, hide and poke the kids before bed at night. They find this hilarious. Unfortunately, the jerky movements give him a wrist ache after a short while but I guess that is the price you pay for bringing out the quirky bird!

Jason sometimes tells the kids tall tales. A funny one recently was an attempt (successful!) to get Olivia to stop picking her nose. He pulled up the iPad and searched for a picture of Yoda. He told her that if she eats her buggers, she will turn green just like Yoda. She bought it hook, line and sinker and even passed this wise warning along to Quinn when she caught him picking.

Speaking of hooks and lines, Jason loves taking the kids fishing and he's already teaching them how to tell tall tales about the one that got away or the size of the one that we caught and released.

Both of the kids have very special and unique relationships with their Daddy. Olivia gets really emotional when she thinks about how much she loves him. Quinn and Daddy are "best buddies". It's really sweet to witness the bonds they have.

There are tons of stories about me being silly with the kids. I actually believe that silliness is the glue that bonds us together as much as anything. Those fun times are certainly the things we remember the most when we look back.

* We still miss our beautiful and loving brown dog, Morton.

* On a recent trip to Colorado, Quinn snuggled with his Pack Pack Monkey and snow globe, we all hiked the 224 steps up the Seven falls and we rode on the Royal Gorge train (not pictured).

* We had our last day (sniff sniff!) at Nina's Day Care because Nina retired this Summer.

* We've spent almost 3 out of every 4 days at the pool working on our skills and beating this Summer heat. Olivia has become a strong swimmer, but as you can see she needs some work on the diving!

Love always, Claire and Family