Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Bunny

Hello all!
I hope this update finds everyone well. We're doing great here and enjoying the beautiful Spring season here in KC.

Olive and I had a fun play-date last weekend with a friend and her 6 month old who is a beautiful and sweet and BIG baby boy.  I think play dates at this age are really meant for moms to hang out and socialize! We're not yet chasing our kiddos around but it won't be long!  Both being new moms, we were reflecting on the crazy adjustment to parenthood and how it's impacted us personally and in our relationships.  We both agreed that after you get past the first few weeks/months where there is just so much change/turmoil combined with so little sleep, it gets TONS better!

You basically find a new version of "normal" and eventually you forget the freedom you once had when you were single or married w/o kids.  You establish the routine and it eventually feels like less work.  You may even figure out how to get out the door in less than an hour in the morning (I'm down to about 50 minutes, YAY!).  I've come to value the sharing of advice and ideas from other women, especially when the advice is not judgmental or too tied to your outcome. 

And I absolutely love nursing the baby-girl... It wasn't always a favorite thing.  In the early days, it was like a job. Every few hours, on command, I would whip the boob out. It seemed like I was constantly feeding her!  Now, I value that time as our special quiet time-out together (I put away the smartphone, iPad, no TV, etc. so it is just us)  It's the time when I smell her, play with her hair, tickle her, clip her nails and notice how long/heavy she is getting!  Of course it isn't always sweetness and light (sometimes there is hair-pulling and spit up involved too! :) - but it is always good, it is nurturing and that's probably why I love it so much.

Another thing that I really enjoy is seeing Olivia interact with her Daddy. She and Jason have a really special bond that is so wonderful.  And it's really cool to see that side of him, silly voices and impressions and all.  He loves getting her to do the "belly laugh" -- it is really funny!

Our pediatrician told me something out of the blue on our first visit when Olive was 10 days old that I will never forget -- "Remember, motherhood is not martyrhood."  I take that to mean several things, depending on the message that I need at the time.  (1) ask for help and you shall receive; don't over-burden yourself, (2) sometimes you have to let things go and trust, (3) don't feel sorry for yourself; we all have jobs to do and (4) kids grow up, you will always be their mother, but she needs you so much now. Remember this time will not last forever.

Here are a few current pics of the Babygirl. She is coming up on 5 months in a few weeks!  She's currently rolling over and sitting up with assistance.

In the picture above, Dad is holding an Easter egg with her name on it! Next year she will be toddling around and maybe even finding her own eggs :)

Take care all, ~claire