Saturday, November 30, 2013


They say time flies when you are having fun.  Time has been flying around here, that is for sure!

I recall that before Olivia was born, I heard all kinds of things from people about how children change your life.  I heard everything in the gamut from good to bad, including how wonderful parenthood is, how you will never sleep again, how your relationship will change, your freedom will be lost, kids are expensive, yadda yadda and on and on.  Only one person nailed it for me though.  He said "You are in for a ton of FUN."

Of course, it's not always fun.  There are challenging times, but, as my brother in law Marc noted, just like everything else, in the end it's about 99% perspective.  When I look back at the past few years and the whirlwind of change for me and Jason, I feel absolutely so blessed and thankful for our family.  When you come from a place of thankfulness, it is hard to not see the fun in it all.

With a brief update here, I can say the kids are doing great.  Quinn is starting with some words now.  My sweet baby doll says "Mama" a lot.  He also says "VEE-a" for Olivia (Olivia calls him "Quinny" which is really cute).  He claps hands and waves now too.  A little tummy tickling will get him started on a funny cackling belly laugh.

Olivia is really into dolls and stuffed animal loveys.  I think she wants to start an orphanage so she can play mommy for all of the babies.  She is talking a lot and is one of my favorite people in general to spend time with and converse with.  She loves singing and music. Some nights instead of reading books before bed, we will rock in the chair and sing songs together.  She is really playful and goofy.  I believe one of her objectives is to stir up fun in any way that she can.  Though she has moods that come and go at times, she is a bright spot in everyone's day that comes into contact with her.

Here are a few recent pictures of everyone.

I'll leave you with an Irish Blessing from the Cunningham family:

May your troubles be less 
And your blessing be more 
And nothing but happiness 
Come through your door

Love, Claire & Family