Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August update

Hi all,
The past 6 weeks since my last update have absolutely flown by!  I've been feeling great and everything is just chugging along.   My next dr appointment is next week.

We've been to two really fun concerts over the past few weeks and on a great trip to Wyoming and Arizona, plus a weekend trip to the Ozarks.  On the home front, we've been plugging away at home improvement and other work projects which are coming along nicely.

There are a couple of baby showers brewing now which I am so appreciative of and it will be so fun to see family and friends and receive their well-wishes for the baby.  FYI, she still needs a name!  J and I have some contenders but we need to get on the same page here!

We have everything pretty much spec'd out for the baby room... it's just a matter of peeling, scraping, painting, etc.  Should be pretty easy to knock out once we get to it.

I hope this email finds you all doing well.  The "reality" of parenthood is starting to set in around here.  We are excited and (a little) nervous too! 

Take care :) Claire & Jason & ???