Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept baby shower!

Hi All,
I hope this message finds everyone doing well.  Things here are going great.  I am loving this beautiful fall weather -- I can't believe it is already Oct 3rd!  Time is flying by for us right now.  The house is coming along, and I'll have pics to post of the baby's room soon.

Last weekend was packed with several fun events... including the plaza art fair, a "welcome baby" shower for Mayim Harding, the ScriptPro Farm Party and finally a shower for me and baby hosted by my sisters and mom.  What a great weekend!

At the shower, I received so many wonderful gifts that will help us get set up in the coming weeks!  Lots of useful advice was also dispensed... the majority of which involves how much diaper-changing will become a part of Jason's daily routine.  But seriously, we're both really excited about the changes to come and how we will adjust when the baby comes.  We'll just do the best we can and it will all work out :)

Some pics from our trip to Colorado over Labor Day weekend.  Jason fly-fished while Morty and I played fetch nearby in the stream at 11-mile canyon.  Beautiful!

Some pics from the baby shower:

Take care all. Until next time ~claire