Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 months and growing strong!

Hi all,
Giving an update on Olivia as she passed the 4 month mark last Thursday.  She is doing great and growing well. She's a little in the light side of the spectrum weight wise tipping the scales at a little shy of 13 lbs but 95% in the height range.  I asked the doctor if he'd ever seen baby-girls daddy to see where maybe she got it from!?  We are already in 6-9 month clothes lengthwise but they are pretty roomy!

Her personality is really starting to show. She enjoys doing a call and response babble/shriek/coo combination, especially with her dad.  In the mornings, she is just all smiles and ready for the day to begin!   She has started rolling over so that is lots of fun too. Sucking fingers and playing with toes are also favorite pasttimes.

We frequent a few spots in town for dinners and she's actually developed a bit of a following - most of the servers at the Tavern in PV and Waldo Pizza know her and have enjoyed seeing her develop over the past months.

With Daddy at Waldo Pizza
My mom came over Sunday night to watch KU make it to the Final Four (Yay!).  Olive was downstairs watching the game with mom, and since I didn't hear any cheering, I figured KU was not doing well.  But it turns out mom was cheering silently so she would not wake the baby! :)

We're looking forward to a fun Spring season with various home improvement and gardening projects.  I hope this message finds our friends and family well. 

Take care ~Claire, Jason and Olive

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Olive update

Hi all!
I hope this message finds everyone doing well.  Olive is kicking and squirming her way towards 4 months of age and doing great. Lately she has been entertaining her parents with giggles, smiles, chirps, screeching and other gymnastics of the tongue.

We took our first airplane ride last month (exhale!) on a short hop flight to Denver to spend time in the mountains with my family.  Baby-girl was wondering what mom was so stressed about! I'm happy to report that the dirty diaper Gods smiled upon us.  We made it all the way from our front door in KC to Denver and to lunch in the city before we had to deal with a major blowout. Thank you very much!

While normally an eager traveler, as a parent I seem to have lost some of my travel mojo. Just packing for the trip took me forever and left my nerves a little thin (in the end, I packed WAY too much stuff!).  I guess like everything else with parenting, you just need to adjust and relax about some things.  And with traveling, you need to plan for extra time. Accept the fact that you are now the person/group of people that you previously tried to avoid being behind in the security line!

While we were in Vail, Olive was a little young to hit the slopes but she got to model some of her warm snuggly outfits (its almost been too warm this winter in KC to really wear them!).  She also got to check out the village in this sweet ride - mom figured out a good use for the cupholder too!

Here's another recent pic of the baby-girl mugging for the camera.

 Our little beauty is still a champ in the sleeping department.  She's gone through a few growth spurts where she wakes up hungry a few times at night but for the most part, she's figured out the many benefits of a good nights sleep! Bravo!


Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful Spring season with many new beginnings and blessings for us all.
~ Claire, Jason & Olivia Cunningham